Market Flow 360 Generates Qualified Leads on demand

Wake up with a full calendar of qualified leads to help grow your business. We're data-driven alchemists, crafting personalized campaigns that ignite conversations and fuel growth.

Email Marketing campaigns

Personalized email campaigns with the option to add video sales letters

Appointment Setters

Our appointment setters follow up with leads generated and set appointments right away.

LinkedIn Campaigns

Promote your business on LinkedIn and optimize your professional profile.

Be channel-agnostic.

No matter where it started, MarketFlow360 Swas keeps it organized.

Chat with context.

See the history of every conversation and interaction.

Get started in seconds.

Connect your channels and start messaging right away.

AI Generated email Marketing Campaigns

We use AI to customize your email campaigns

Marketflow360 uses state of the art technology to personalize email campaigns in order to send personalized emails to your audience that are proven to increase retention rates.

Targeted Linkedin Campaigns

Super charge your linkedin outreach by using AI to target your customers via linkedin.

Increase your email deliverability rates with domain protection

We ensure email deliverability by enhancing security

We set up SPF, DMARK, and DKIM, securities for all email accounts in order to ensure high levels of deliverability to your customers. We

70% of customers prefer to email with businesses

- The Washington Post

Your business wins when you

personalize your messaging


Higher Conversion

Emails with personalized subject lines and messaging convert at 3X rates


of messages are read

Personalized messaging campaigns to business owns


faster than calling

Automated email campaigns done for you to take the guess work out of lead generation


Higher Conversion

Reviews requested via text message vs reviews requested via email.


of messages are read

Texts have a 99% open rate. 95% of those texts are read within 5 minutes.


faster than calling

Text messaging is the new standard for quick and easy communication.

Awesome Words

from clients

MarketFlow360 Swas unified inbox helps clients get to leads quicker so they don't lose business

Shannon Hanrahan


"Clients used to message me on several platforms and it wasn't uncommon for me to go weeks before seeing their messages. Now I see them instantly, in the same message thread, so I'm able to serve my clients quicker, and better."

Robert Wills

AZ Plumber

"MarketFlow360 Swas helps me never miss another chat conversation with potential leads. It used to be a hassle finding customer's messages, now it's easy and they're all in one place."

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